Practice Areas


 If you’re interested in purchasing, selling, mortgaging  or voluntarily  transferring properties or land, we can act on your behalf.  We explain the processes required to ensure transactions run as smoothly and skilfully as possible.

Wills & Probate

Who do you wish to inherit from you on your death? Making your will enables you to choose who will benefit from your estate.

Perhaps you’ve a friend you’d like to acknowledge?  Including your friend in your will shows your appreciation for them.

Have you a favourite charity?  You can support them in their work by donating to them in your will.

Have you minor children?  Who do you wish to look after your children should you die before they are adults? We can assist you with these queries.

Were you appointed Executor in a will? We can help you to probate the will and distribute the Estate of the deceased. We have extensive experience in dealing with both Irish and Foreign wills and the complexities that can arise in such matters.

Personal Injuries
& Litigation

Have you been involved in a road traffic accident, an accident at work or in open spaces? It can be daunting for you, given the time limits for making such claims. We can assist you in processing your claim and clarifying any queries arising. 

Family Law

We understand the difficulties which arise in families.  Our expertise includes: 

  • Birth Registration issues
  • Access issues
  • Barring /Safety Orders
  • Legal Separation / Judicial Separation / Nullity. 
We support a conciliatory approach to these issues and consistently work to reduce conflict between the parties as much as possible. Providing a sympathetic listening ear, we create the conditions in which clients feel free to raise any queries they have in relation to the procedure. 


We have many years experience in Employer/Employee issues.  Having attended hearings at both the Employment Appeals Tribunals and the Workplace Relations Commission, our expertise is tried and tested in this area.  We have negotiated settlements for both Employers and Employees, achieving a satisfactory conclusion without the necessity of a case hearing. This outcome is always welcome as much time, stress and expense can be avoided using mediation and negotiation to deal with such contentious legal matters.